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Mission Force Packs

Postby Chuck Wiersma » Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:02 pm

If you like Sky-Busters, the recent releases of Mission Force Packs have some variations.

The Mission Force: Arctic set includes the SB101 Tilt Rotor and SB93 Snow Explorer in exclusive liveries to the set.

The Mission Force: Farm set includes the SB85 Bi-Plane and SB73 Stunt Plane (looks like a P-51 with inverted wings). Again the liveries are exclusive to the set.

The third set in the batch is a rerelease of the Mission Force: Construction set. The set includes the SB100 Blade Force now with a more orange main rotor and tail rotor. The SB 64 Mission Chopper in the set has been updated with the new style wheels and a slight modification to the rear base in order to hold the rear wheels in place. The set also includes casting and color modifications to all three miniature models in the pack. Every model in the set has been changed in some way,.

The long awaited Farm Set and the other two sets are appearing at Meijer stores in the US Midwest. It appears only one Arctic set shows up in each batch. The Farm set stands out the most.

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