Gathering Questions from a Newbie

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Gathering Questions from a Newbie

Postby circuitspore » Sun May 15, 2016 2:53 pm

Hello, I've never attended the Gathering, and while I realize the dinners are probably sold out at this point, I'm still entertaining going to the Gathering. I have a few questions that I hope folks can fill me in on:

Are the dinner seats sold out?

If the dinner seats are sold out, what is the price of admission (or is the Gathering just limited to the dinner 125 dinner attendees)?

The dates are 7/15-17, Friday through Sunday - is there a schedule of events?

Does anyone skip Friday and just come for Saturday & Sunday?

I see that the dinner is on Saturday. What will be happening on Friday and Saturday before the dinner?

Does anything happen on Friday night?

What time to sessions/meetings/etc start each day?

How many vendors are there at Sunday's toy show?

Are there restaurants, etc within walking distance of the Marriott? I'd be flying in from the east coast and would probably take a taxi/uber to the hotel and plan on hanging around the Marriott area for the weekend so I don't have to pay for a car rental.

Is uber available in ABQ?

If everything is sold out and this is a moot point, I'd still be interested in the answers to these questions with regards to potentially attending next year.

Thanks in advance for your info!

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Re: Gathering Questions from a Newbie

Postby bigtractormike » Tue May 17, 2016 10:05 am

The Gathering activities, except for the SAT night dinner are open to everyone. Must be registered / paid to attend the dinner / presentation / auction. All other functions are able to attend, there is a fee to attend the toy show on SUN morning. OFFICIALLY , the Gathering is FRI / SAT / SUN. People show up at all times, I typically arrive on WED afternoon and leave late morning on MON.

Fri is the meet and greet in the afternoon, SAT morning are the different events thru out the morning , SAT night is the dinner, SUN morning is the toy show, and don't forget the ALL IMPORTANT SUN NIGHT POOL PARTY, an unofficial casual Gathering of members who hang out, drink beer , tell stories and have a great time, I think 2;30 AM was our longest one !!

In room trading is going on all the time before / during / and some after the toy show, but not much after. bring a small note book to write down peoples names and room numbers were in room trading is happening. there is a list made later, but better to keep your own notes. an itinerary is included in your sign in folder, that happens SAT afternoon,

There are things going on most of the time during the Gathering, lots of restaurants around, one in the hotel, a Jason's deli right across the road .

Please check with Jim Gallegos on availability of dinner reservations and rooms , THURS things start to happen and wind down after the toy show on SUN, POOL PARTY is a must !!

have fun this year, I will not be able to attend this year , but hopefully next year I'll be back.


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Re: Gathering Questions from a Newbie

Postby Jimgallegos » Thu May 26, 2016 4:02 am

Thanks Mike,

All questions were also answered by email. We will miss you as you are an important part of the Gathering and always have been.
Jim Gallegos. Thanks to all who were a part of the 2015 Matchbox Collectors Gathering. Start planing for 2016. Dates are 15-17 July 2016. Registration Starts 31. Dec. at midnight MST Email me for details.

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