Ambassador's Report December 22nd 2014

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Re: Ambassador's Report December 22nd 2014

Postby mbx64 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:10 pm

David Tilley wrote:I am actually quite surprised that they have already stated the Infiniti will be in the 2016 range. I didn't think they would be that far ahead yet. That was a good question on the BMWs. I did not know next year would be their 100th Anniversary. I hope it doesn't end up as a Hot Wheels thing. I do not care if both do it, but would not be happy if it was ignored by Matchbox and embraced by Hot Wheels. Both brands have BMW castings in their mix so both should have an equal opportunity to do something about it. I wouldn't begrudge them that. I was actually going to put in a question about the 2015 secret model in my next bunch of questions for Larry to ask, as I have been wanting to know what it was. I am happy about the Jag. It is about time we had a new Jag in the mix again.

:) :D :P
I was a little surprised myself that they confirmed it for 2016. Sometimes they do not even confirm a question the year-of if it is asked too early in the year. But I remember reading they work 18 months in advance, so based on that logic, I suppose they are already halfway developed into 2016. So they must have some models down, and it is a joy to read the Infiniti is back. I hope it sports a nice color with 5-spokes.

That is true about the 100th year Anniversary. Hot Wheels will definitely do something, I just hope Matchbox does. They always used to in the past, but recently they have avoided a lot of commemorations like that. The last thing we got was the Pierce. And I think I asked the question at the right time, too. If they are still just developing 2016, then it can easily be worked in if they wanted it to be. Often times people ask questions too late for them to be considered for the respective year, but we have a shot this time.

And I could not be happier about the inclusion of the Jag. I am glad it is the F-Type instead of the XE, which has a similar silhouette to the Tesla Model S. The F-Type is really unique. And I did some research, and the last time we had three brand new sports cars in a lineup was in 2010! (Caterham, Fisker, Holden) That has to be a sign of something good. :)

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