Whole 35 year collection FOR SALE

Models of Yesteryear and Matchbox Collectibles ranges
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Whole 35 year collection FOR SALE

Postby Walter » Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:43 am

FOR SALE. Substantial Matchbox Collection.

I have collected Matchbox Models for over 35 years. For personal reasons the time has come to let it go to a collector who will appreciate it.
There are approximately 1073 pieces in the total collection.

The collection includes the following;

Matchbox series 75. (approximately 850 pieces)

Matchbox Cars, Model Series 75
Some date back to the early 1960’s displayed in Wooden Show Case Boxes
Some original Yesteryears from 1958 Made in England.
The majority of the these are in their original packaging.

The Famous Arnott’s Van (in MINT condition.)

Models of yesteryear. approximately 223 pieces

Includes some as far back as the early edition.
This includes the famous Arnott’s Van and the famous Y8 1914 sunbeam motorbike in original packaging.

IMG_0930.jpeg IMG_0931.jpeg
Y8 1914 Sunbeam Motorbike (in MINT Condition.)

This collection of Approximately 1073 items is a real opportunity for an enthusiastic collector to get hold of a large collection that I built over 35 years.
I am realistic and will accept a fair offer. A Matchbox Collector will know what an opportunity this is.

As I am not wanting to do a full inventory catalogue there may be a pleasant surprise in this lot. I just want it to go to someone who will love it and build on the years of love that has gone into this collection.

Should you live in Australia and would like to come to my home to see the collection and to negotiate you would be welcome. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
If you are an overseas collector we can negotiate via email where I will answer any questions you may have.
PS, We have lots of pictures for anyone interested which can be emailed to you.

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