Match box models of yesteryear advice please

Models of Yesteryear and Matchbox Collectibles ranges
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Match box models of yesteryear advice please

Postby Surfchick79 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:06 pm

Hi I have a collection that was my dads , he passed away 20 years ago and we have only just found them all in the back of a cupboard , they have never been on display so have no fading or anything , my mum would like to sell them all either as a complete lot or individual, but we have no idea what they are worth , is there anyone that could help
This is what we have in the yesteryear I have others as well

Y1 - 1936 jaguar s-100
Y2 - 1914 prince Henry vauxhall
Y3- 1934 Riley mph
Y4- 1930 model j duesenberg
Y5- 1927 talbot van
Y6 - rolls Royce fire engine
Y7- 1912 rolls Royce
Y8- 1945 mgtc
Y9- 1912 simplex
Y10- 1906 rolls Royce silver ghost
Y11- 1938 lagonda drophead coupe
Y12- 1909 Thomas flyabout
Y13- 1918 Croxley raf tender
Y14- 1931 Stuttgart bearcat
Y15- 1930 Packard Victoria
Y16- 1928 Mercedes as coupe
Y17- 1938 Hispano suiza

I have photos but it won't let me add them

I also have walkers crisps ones and tetley tea bag ones

Any help would really be appreciated, as I say we want to sell them so any ideas would really help
Many thanks

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Re: Match box models of yesteryear advice please

Postby admin » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:54 pm

without pictures its really hard to tell, you can use photobucket to upload them here.

based on the description though, these are straw & maroon boxed models so as a guide are worth no more than £1- £4 each if they are in perfect order and complete with boxes. If there is any scarce colour combinations you may realise a higher price but pictures will help there

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