Introduction and the CJ-6 Jeep

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Introduction and the CJ-6 Jeep

Postby Kooshmeister » Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:44 am

Hi! I'm Kooshmeister but you can call me Koosh. I started playing with/collecting Matchbox cars in the 80s while my family was living in Germany. Looking at lists of the available vehicles of the time really takes me back. On into the 90s, back in the States, I'd purchase the occasion Matchbox, Hot Wheels or Majorette, but it eventually winded down as I started moving into action figures of various sizes from various properties, and all my little die cast cars went into a big purple box that has sat out in the shed at my mother's house for over thirteen years. I believe the box has seen been bequeathed to my nephew. I hope he gets loads of fun out of it, and since the cars are of course banged up from years and years of rough play, with many down to their basic gray metal color due to all the paint having come off over time, the kiddo can be as rough as he wants with 'em. I'll miss 'em, but, eh, life goes on. The sole Matchbox I retained was a very, very vintage Rolls-Royce Phantom V from the Lesney era, received in great condition from a very nice elderly couple who'd lived across the street from us in Mississippi.

But I only thought I was done! Two or three years ago I randomly bought the Hitch 'N Haul Wild Water set at Rite Aid, which came with a giant squid, shark, diver and other goodies, plus a jetski on a trailer and a Land Rover Freelander. It was just on a whim. I thought the squid and shark looked cool. They currently sit on my bathroom counter near the sink, menacing all who come to wash their hands. Then I was in a vintage toy dealer's shop (called Cromag or something like that) and in the obligatory little plastic display case of mostly cheap and forgettable die cast cars was an original Matchbox CJ-6 Jeep in really great condition, and the guy basically wanted virtually nothing for it. So I bought it.


The CJ-6 has been my favorite of the CJ Jeeps for years (thanks primarily to their being featured prominently in movies such as Hatari!, Killdozer, The Gods Must Be Crazy and even The Delta Force with Chuck Norris). I'd known, of course, of Matchbox's CJ-6 for years but never owned it. Finding it at Cromag was an impulse buy. This stirred something in me. Suddenly I started wanting other Matchbox cars I'd never had over the years, like the Carmichael Commando and the Citroën 15 CV, both obtained from eBay shortly thereafter.

I swear that was gonna be it. I'd have the Freelander, the CJ-6, the Carmichael Commando and the Citroën... and then I found out about all the really awesome 2017 models. I had to get the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 and the Volkswagen Transporter Crew Cab... and the anniversary edition Jeeps looked cool, too. And, boy, oh, boy, did Cadillac One look really nice in white. Now, suddenly, my desk is pretty much covered with Matchbox cars (and, again, a handful of Hot Wheels), and I fear I have an addiction. So, I said to myself, go find a forum somewhere, find other people and make friends. So here I am. Pleased to meetcha. :lol:

What new models are you folks looking forward to the most? For me it's the Jeep Wagoneer and the Willys Jeep All-Steel Station Wagon. The second Matchbox did the Willys 4x4 pickup, I hoped and prayed they'd do the (in my opinion) more iconic Station Wagon version, and it appears as if my prayers are answered. I really hope it comes in dark bluish green like the one Terry-Thomas drives in It's a Mad, Mad, Ma,d Mad World (just without the wobbly front axle caused as a result of Ethel Merman's outburst!).


As you can see, it's essentially the same color as the Jeep Anniversary version of the Willys pickup. But I'll take it in whatever color Matchbox chooses to release it in.

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