Guidance needed please.

The place to discuss all those larger scale Matchbox like the King Size, Sea Kings, Speed Kings or the Super Kings ranges
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Guidance needed please.

Postby terrysains » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:50 am

Over from Superfast but pick up the odd,' King-size' with Superfast wheels, 'Pipetruck' K10 bought, with pipes, it has 'Scammell Contractor' on base??
Could you spread some light on if possible please?
Feel free to laugh.
Thank you for your time. Terry Sains.

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Re: Guidance needed please.

Postby SGP » Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:40 pm

Not sure what you want to know but the type of truck represents an extendable articulated unit usually used for logging but sometimes used also for carrying long pipes or girders.
The model is permanently in its shortest configuration as the drawbar doesn't extend.
The Scammell cab is the bonneted version of the Vista Vue cab, sometimes called the LAD cab (Leyland / Albion / Dodge).
The Matchbox model lasted 10 years from 1967. Initially in dark yellow with light or dark grey pipes on regular tyred wheels, then from 1971 was changed to metallic purple with orange or yellow pipes on Speedwheels. In 1976 it was deleted from the range.

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