December '17 Release 2017/2018 SKy Busters

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December '17 Release 2017/2018 SKy Busters

Postby Chuck Wiersma » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:02 pm

This is not complete, but here is a short list of some new Sky Buster releases just found in this last week of December, 2017. They were found at the Meijer store chain which services several states in the U.S. Midwest region.

DVR17 SB 137 Boeing 747-8 in white and two-tone blue Boeing 747 livery. New Casting
DVR19 SB 139 Airbus A400M in blue-grey Airbus A400M livery; it is a military cargo turbo prop jet. New Casting
DVR36 SB 89 Space Shuttle in white and black NASA Endeavor livery, now with newer wheel assemblies.

Other issues in this batch that I did not find in person but have spotted on Ebay include the Honda Jet HA420 in white with grey trim and Lockheed Martin F117 Nighthawk in black and white livery. There also appeared to be some holdover issues from recentlly released batches on the pegs as well. The stamped code dates on the packs are K39 and the packaging is clearly Matchbox SkyBusters - not Hot Wheels.

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