K-mart special

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K-mart special

Postby bigtractormike » Tue Aug 12, 2014 4:09 pm

Now here is one you do not see everyday .


this is a Champ of the road !! Never seen a farm model version, mostly construction stuff.

it looks very much like a MAJO copy, although the tractor does look a little tootsie / corgi ish in the engine area

found this on E-bay while at a friends house, looking thru stuff for the heck of it. and BAMMMM !!

there it was, buy it now with post $13.00 and it's now mine !!

Pretty cool piece, not sure if he will be set free or be confined to his prison for a while.

no cows were hurt in the photo session !! EAT MORE BEEF !!

thanks, for looking,


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